In other news..

I want…


  1. my friends are actually planning a road trip down to watch it..
    i’m not too keen on it.. so.. =) not going

  2. cheyy

  3. my co is offering our high networth clients the $300+ tix seats… 100 tix to be given to 50 clients…. haiz… too bad… organisers dun get extra or i’ll go.. 😦

    but then, i would really prefer sarah to be in there i.e. original cast…

  4. spinn: haha yeah but Sarah is too old to play Christine already!! I didn’t really like the Phantom in the Movie version though, it feels like he trying too hard to be like the original Phantom..

  5. it holds.. ‘special’ memories for me..
    i relate negatively to it..

  6. Seen this play when it was first brought to Singapore. Its nice and not to be missed.


  7. Dylan: ah, okay.

    Nguy: yes I know.

  8. so, what’s holding you back from watching it?

  9. mark: so expensiivvveee…

  10. eh, where are you? *turns this into a paging service*
    have an update on kelisa.. =)

  11. Yalor. So expensive. Or else I be queuing up for tix already. Sigh.

  12. welcome to the club.

  13. don’t worry, when it comes back to Singapore the next time, I’m sure you’ll be able to afford it. ;p

  14. of course, the more efficient way would be to find a sugar daddy *lol*

  15. I accidentally threw my tickets down the rubbish chute. Had to make police report. Zzz.

  16. don’t forget me when you find one. 2+1 ok?

  17. If you liked this musical, you could try borrowing an opera DVD from the library and seeing if you like it. Something from Verdi or Puccini would be a good start. 🙂

  18. mark: haha sure =)

    TKS: oh, thanks for the heads up, will go check it out =)

  19. stale news, $50 can watch already!

  20. mark: you going?

  21. 70% confirmed. show has been extended to 13th may. I’ll probably treat it as a post-exam reward. now, all i have to do is find another poor soul who can only afford the 50 dollar tickets. 😉

  22. mark: haha, good luck searching for that person. although i’m quite sure alot of people would be interested =)

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