You know that you are treading dangerous ground when you’re staring at the computer, with a million thoughts running through your head, but only two stands out and keeps bugging you.

You know you’re not being rational when you’re thinking of a person and all sorts of thoughts run through your head, from the innocent to the ridiculously obscene, when barely a day ago you were just telling yourself that you can see this person as a friend and nothing more. You know you shouldn’t, you just know.

And the perfect way to stop yourself from feeling like this?

Blog about it.

The perfect catharsis.

Desire, it’s a dangerous thing. I’d like to live dangerously, but only if you come along for the ride.
How do I move away and back off when you’re standing in my way all the time?


  1. desire, despair. u read sandman too? ^^

  2. blog about it. and the whole world knows.. well.. you get the idea..

  3. Desire occurs in a heartbeat. One heartbeat of a difference, and he/she’s stuck in your heart, just beating, beating. And the world feels different.

  4. chaosm: how come it doesn’t feel that way for me. i feel more..displaced than anything else.

  5. “How do I move away and back off when you’re standing in my way all the time?”

    play chicken..

    drive real fast at the object of your desire
    and one of you will have to avoid the other to avoid a head on collision with disastrous results..


  6. U’ve said it yourself. They are all thoughts running through your head. Thoughts disappear, after a while. If u stay still long enough, everything does go away. And well, in the meantime, you can entertain yourself with just those thoughts. Nobody gets hurt. Just my take on this. But I totally know what you mean.

    And actually I’m kinda intrigued by Dylan’s suggestion. Interesting. Wonder whether that will work. But that really depends on who has greater weight in the whole balance of power equation.

  7. Dylan’s suggestion? *raise eyebrow* theory babe..prisoner’s dilemma, game of’s all about the odds man..all about the odds..

    oh wait, then again, a head on collision may not be such a bad thing..hmm..


  8. haha. yeah. but sadly…usually the odds are against moi.

  9. tooth fairy: ah, but we will never know until we try. =)

  10. we think too much, feel too much. somehow i don’t think that increases our odds.

  11. I would love to say that if we don’t try we wouldn’t ever know, it’s abit like the game of chicken, if you don’t even want to accelerate to meet the other party head on..then you’ll never know who would swerve first..

    but then again..i’m always one of those who fear the first step =)

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