Have you ever felt Despair creeping up behind you and messing up your life?

Despair. When you know you’ve got to do something, but you realise there is nothing much that could be done. When everything else you do seems so futile and hopeless.  When no matter how hard you try, you are all alone in this, there is no help from anyone else and you cannot walk away from it. When, even before you try to put effort into it, you know that no matter how much effort you put into it, the results would be devastating.




  1. yeah .. and it’s a crappy feeling. and hard to shake. sometimes you just have to give in to get to the other side …

  2. lerxst: give in, how?

  3. sometimes they come hand in hand with resignation..

  4. Dylan: hmm

  5. Ahhh… sweet misery. Despair. I love falling. falling. falling.
    And falling is flying.

  6. falling into despair ain’t exactly my idea of fun you know.

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