Random Musings on a Sleepless night.

MSN Conversation that went like this:

1:17 MSN Bro: lecturer A looks like an older nathan petrelli

1:18 MSN Me: YES

1:18 MSN Bro: hahahaha

1:18 MSN Me: except that he can’t fly

1:19 MSN Bro: do u think the people around him knows he can fly?

1:19 MSN Me: nope
1:19 MSN Me: except the mother
1:19 MSN Me: and peter
1:19 MSN Me: and lindermann

1:19 MSN Bro: precisely
1:20 MSN Bro ie his family and boss
1:20 MSN Bro: so do u think u will know if lecturer A can fly?

1:20 MSN Me: eh
1:20 MSN Me: shadddduppppp laaaa
1:20 MSN Me: lecturer A can’t fly!
1:20 MSN Me: he’s human!

1:21 MSN Bro: ok lor if u say so
1:21 MSN Bro: one day u see a speck of something in the air above

1:21 MSN Me: i am so gonna blog about this

1:21 MSN Bro: u know what it can be other than a bird, plane or superman


1:22 MSN Bro: hahahahahahha
1:22 MSN Bro: lim peh mindfucking a sleepless sista

Sometime later in the conversation:

1:23 MSN Bro: she is walking high strung contradiction
1:23 MSN Bro: a bit like u

1:23 MSN Me: ahahahaha
1:24 MSN Me: yah
1:24 MSN Me: all smart girls tend to be

addendum: Nathan Petrelli  is a character in TV Drama, Heroes.

edit: and even later…

1:50 MSN Bro: lim peh is a muse leh
1:50 MSN Bro: wah

1:50 MSN Me: hahahahahahaha

1:50 MSN Bro: do i need pink nipples and sexy voice not?


1:51 MSN Bro: u shouldnt blog so fast

1:51 MSN Me: i am so gonna add this on
1:51 MSN Me: mwahahahahahaha

1:51 MSN Bro: u never know when i might say something even smarter or blogable


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