More random conversations..


A while later..

2:19 MSN Bro: later i go tiffany after my medical check up

2:20 MSN Me: ok
2:20 MSN Me: set
2:20 MSN Me: buy one for me also hor
2:20 MSN Me: i like pendants
2:20 MSN Me: the bling-er the better

2:20 MSN Bro: orh ok can no problem
2:20 MSN Bro: mei wen ti (no problem)
2:20 MSN Bro: simi ma eh sai (whatever you want)
2:20 MSN Bro: want a moon or a star not?
2:20 MSN Bro: or u want a planet name after u?

2:20 MSN Me: star
2:21 MSN Me: i like star

2:21 MSN Bro: later i call bush tell him i want to reserve a star ask him dun anyhow shoot missile into space

2:21 MSN Me: okay
2:21 MSN Me: steady

2:21 MSN Bro: then call ah hu and tell him the same thing

2:21 MSN Me: i am so gonna blog about this

2:21 MSN Bro: tong zhi bie ruan ruan she xing xing (comrade please don’t shoot the stars at will)

2:21 MSN Me: oh man

2:22 MSN Bro: wo de sheng jing bing de hao pen you yao yi ke xing xing (my crazy friend wants a star)
2:22 MSN Bro: mei you mao de na zhong (not the furry [mao] kind – a gorrilla in chinese is pronounced the same as star)
2:22 MSN Bro: bu shi mao zhu xi (not Chairman Mao)

I know, the joke gets lost in the translation, but its for the benefit of those who don’t speak Chinese, hence can’t really under the hanyu pinyin =)



  1. hahahhaa.. that was funny.. xingxing.. mei you mai de na zhong.. lolx!

  2. Yes my bro cracks me up..

  3. That was hilarious…

  4. Tet: what can I say, we’re naturals at this..once we get into a caffeine/sleepless night/very warm night induced high..;-)

  5. nabei, i gotta be careful what i talk to about. wait i say something wrong (ie racist which is seriously not uncommon) then your blog kenna seditious act. NEHMIND. i kenna implicated coz the police realised its NOT your figment of imagination at work.

    this kind of things gu gu jit bai. hua hee jiu ho. gong xi fa cai. mao zhu xi wan shui!

  6. brud: errr…you need to sleep lah!!

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