Sometimes, I look at you and I wonder if its all a lie I tell myself.



  1. i would say its not so much a lie.. but maybe youre reading too deep into things.. sometimes things arent as complicated as we make them out to be.. relax.. it just might not be what you think.. 😉

    (on the other hand, sometimes things arent as simple as we make them out to be to.. but i digress… 😉 )

  2. haha its not what you think it is =)

  3. then you must illuminate.. otherwise assumptions are.. like trying to stab a louse in the dark..
    it doesn’t work =P

  4. Dylan:’s my blog =P

  5. true.. but.. gimme the nitty gritty
    my curiousity is unsatisfied =P

    must satisfy curiousity


  6. Dylan Dylan..I hope you have 9 lives =P

  7. I feel that way all the time.

  8. V: =)

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