Here’s what I came across in my Friendster inbox:


Here’s my reply:

I could be an extremely hot babe, but hideously self centered.

Fortunately for you, I am REALLY a 300 pound whale with a very bad acne problem. On top of that, I have bad teeth, and no boobs to answer for. I am also dark skinned. I’m sure you’ll like that if tanned girls are your kinda thing. Unfortunately, I don’t like the great outdoors, in my free time I enjoy reading those trashy novels that my secondary school friends always teased me for reading.

Oh, and cleaning my match box collection.

If you want to be shallow, fine. But please at least have some kind of justification for being shallow, excellent social skills would be one such justification. Doesn’t say much if you are lurking in the dark alleys of Friendster, preying on girls who have good looking pictures on their profiles (did I mention that his Friendster account only consisted of 11 friends of whom ALL of them are girls who are actually quite pretty, bless ’em), AND leaving your phone number all over the damned place.

Now, what did my momma tell me about giving my number to strangers?



  1. you go gurl! trash them friendster whores and sluts! i can relate!

  2. LOL!!!!

  3. jon & passerby: HAHA! =)

  4. From Wikipedia –

    “The Blue Whale is the largest known mammal that has ever lived, and the largest living animal, at up to 30 m (93ft) long and 180 tons.”

    And (what?), you are 300 pound niah? You’re a gem. I like.

    On the other note, thanks for publicising his profile name online. Girls all now know yet another lecher to block their profiles from.

    Go Skye! (Saving the world – One Lecher at a Time!)

  5. ooo… prime meat ! =)
    see if u can catch the sarcasm…
    nah.. =P

    oh 300 – good

  6. i love the effort in that.

    a friend of mine got a long message requesting to be her personal slave.

  7. I think he wanks off to animal porn.

  8. Kelvin: yeah and for those who like to play childish pranks with someone else’s phone numbers, go knock yourselves out people!

    Dylan: prime meat! hahaha..bleah..*smacks you for mentioning 300*

    mik: ooh, yeah i got that once too, someone who wanted to “liberate” me and wanted me to “join the dark side”, but he was awfully nice about it though. =)

    xiaopinguo: heh. =P

  9. hhahahha.. my friend once received a msg asking if she wanted an ONS.. that guy didnt even bothered to leave his photo in his profile! lolx.

  10. MOS: haha it happens =)

  11. *spam alert*

    go watch it already and stop bothering with online lechers

  12. yea yea whatever haha

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