Things I wanna do before I die.

Ok, I’m just kidding. This is more like, the things I wanna do before, well, before June rolls around. Heh.

I want to catch:

  • 300
  • Breaking & Entering – Jude Law, what’s there not to love =P
  • TMNT – walking turtles who can kick your ass!
  • The Number 23 -Paranoia at its ultimate
  • The Simpsons Movie -‘Nuff said.
  • Spiderman 3 – I love comic book heroes come to life.
  • The Book of Revelation – again, plot looked interesting

Places to go:

  • Denmark – long story and I won’t explain, but I will be doing this on a very.small.budget
  • The US
  • Hong Kong – for the shopping of course

Things to do:

  • get that tattoo I have been talking about
  • that pair of shoes I have been searching the entire world for, I do hope I’ll be able to get it in Denmark

Most importantly:

  • Catch Phantom of the Opera – the last time I saw it was when it had its run here which was like eons ago, when I was a really young kid and didn’t know better. But I sooo love it and I’d give anything to catch it again at the Esplanade.



  2. can i kill you now? i can kill you now right.

  3. I’ll be going to catch phantom at esplanade next week. Too bad I don’t have extra ticket.

  4. sandman: lucky you!!! enjoy!! =)

  5. Was just wondering, if asking you out for ‘300’, might be enough of a reason, and doesn’t sound as if I’m (dying to) date you.

    For I, like you, have yet to watch ‘300’ too.

  6. Kelvin: ah, hmm.

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