Sit & Stare.

Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing here.


Oh gosh the whole world has watched 300 already, except me. What am I doing.

I so hate it when someone calls you and when you’re not around to pick up the call, the person doesn’t bother to call back, or at least drop a message to say what he/she wants.  I mean, it’s ok if I have your number stored in my phone, or if your number shows up on my screen, that’s not too bad because at least then I can call back and ask what’s up.

I mean, if you KNOW that your phone is an unlisted number, thus effectively making it impossible for me to find out who called me just by checking my missed calls, I think it would be an act of courtesy to call back or just leave a message, instead of having me sitting around and wondering who the hell called. Really.



  1. I haven’t watch 300 too. Welcome to the club.

  2. I made my virgin visit to vivocity last sunday.

  3. mark: i assume that is like a totally random comment to my totally random post but really..LAST WEEK? you’re kidding right. please tell me it was because you were so caught up in school work that you never found the time =P

    i go there like almost every other week for my monthly dosage of Carl’s Jr and the euphoria of being surrounded by so many stores selling pretty clothes from all my favourite brands. =P

    of course, mustafa comes close, REALLLY close.

  4. no i’m not kidding.. i just couldn’t find any reason to go there. it was a horrible experience though. i’ve never walked so much just to find that the vivomart ran out of my fav fags and walked all the way to the 7-eleven at the other end, 3 floors up, only to find that i didn’t have enough cash, and walked all the way to the other end to withdraw money and walked all the way back to the damn 7-eleven and walked back to coffee bean.

  5. oh geez, you poor thing, heh but it always happens to everyone’s virgin experience i guess. the first time i went there with a friend, we got lost eventually when going back to the car because we entered the carpark at the wrong side and ended up halfway to walk across it.

  6. well, at least i remembered where i parked…

  7. haha =P

  8. and oh, i usually don’t bother with private numbers. Based on experience, it seems like these people more interested in not letting you know when they’re gonna give you a good fucking over the phone rather than maintaining their privacy. I just don’t pick them up anymore. =)

  9. mark: bloody irritating, isn’t it? oh by the way, what are your “fav fags” anyway? i thought most people usually smoke marlboro, unless you’re into something else.

  10. YSL menthol lights, or cartier menthol lights unfortunately they became extinct since they started putting the nice high res graphics on the boxes and the YSLs from DFS doesn’t even come close.. so its viceroy menthol lights now.. =P

  11. ah YSL’s good…i haven’t seen cartier around before though..=)

    yuckkkk viceroyyy..

  12. pearl tipped cartier ciggies. heaven.

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