Super Hero.

I had the trippiest dream ever.

You know, the kind where you suddenly possess all sorts of superhuman powers and you can do just about anything? This was, somewhat like that, except that in my dream, all of a sudden my entire clan was being wiped out by some other family and all the men of seniority were being held hostage by this supposed enemy.

The rest of the family is reduced to hiding in obscure parts of the huge mansion that once belonged to us, while supposed enemy tries to locate every single one of us remaining souls and tries to get rid of us.

It gets even stranger.

I suddenly find out I am being hunted to death, and at the same time realise I have an ability to turn myself invisible and hide in closets (don’t ask why). I escape certain death and make it to be reunited with the rest of the family at some godforsaken corner of said mansion. At night, we celebrate, and my brothers and I risk being discovered by supposed enemy to head to Cold Storage and get (what else?) some beer to celebrate. Armed with $10 in my pocket and the power of invisibility, I grab a 24-pack of Chang beer, paid $9.40 for it and leave as quietly as I came. Along the way I meet with close shaves which involve said enemy sending people to Cold Storage to look for members of my family.

Oh, did I also mention that I was able to maneuver effortlessly when jumping off one level and sliding down onto another?

Ab-so-fucka-lutely Trippy.

I think I ought to stop watching Heroes.



  1. lakeside girl: haha! i dream about flying all the time, but this one reaaallly takes the cake *lol*

  2. I want Peter’s powers too~~ Anyway I can’t believe the show is taking a break till April!! What the heck is wrong with the producers?!?

  3. haha, I’d want to be Claire, or Nikki/Jessica, that’ll be cool enough.

    Yeah, sheesh, it’s like a 3 or 4 week break. Probably problems with filming I guess, or they have some other show lined up in the US or something, because it’s not just Heroes that’s affected, Desperate Housewives and to a lesser extent, Grey’s anatomy as well. Yes I know I’m a TV freak =P

  4. get some more sleep
    might help

  5. I’ll try =P

  6. Oh my!

    The same thing happened to me! Well sorta. I dreamt that me and my friends had some kind of superpowers as well. =(

  7. i seriously think that heroes is dumb.

  8. dumb? how so?

  9. its like some superheroes/mutants gathered altogether to save planet earth. doesnt that sound like something familiar? haha.

  10. ah, but it offers a form of escape for the viewer from the dread of daily life, a little like why Japan’s adults like manga so much, if you will =)

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