You know how it’s like when you’re sitting at Starbucks with a drink on the table and a cigarette in your left hand, a book on your right, and you’re doing nothing else except read, and occassionally look up from your book to watch the world go by?

It feels like that nowadays. Except that I am sitting in the corner of a room instead of Starbucks, staring into space and being lost in my own thoughts instead of being lost in a book, and the cigarette in my left hand is untouched, but lighted, its lighted life diminishing by the second, on its own, the room is full of people, sitting, standing, talking to each other, doing their own things.

Whenever I wake from my reverie, I find that the people in the room have moved from the positions I left them. Those who are sitting are now standing. Some have moved on to other people. Some have left, others have joined the room. In short, the world has moved on, but there I am, still sitting in the corner, not moving, not saying a word, not noticeable and not noticing.



  1. Perhaps this is just a tempest. The calm before things start moving.

  2. That’s a busy but well-balanced photo.
    Does it spell KDK at the centre of the fan?

  3. SI: perhaps =)

    chaosm: i have no idea what it spells, I don’t look up at the fan much.

    does it matter what’s on the fan?

  4. I wrote a poem once about my hall life. Based on the motif of little circles. Little circles that play the voyeuristic eyes. Lots of little circles around. And the little circle spinning in the centre of my room’s ceiling fan then spells KDK. Took me a while to realise it until I switched off my fan.
    Well, it matters nothing what’s on the fan. 🙂

  5. haha, i see, interesting =P

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