Needs & Wants.

Sometimes, people often associate inaction for disinterest. But really, how would we know if you’re really not interested or if you just don’t want to do anything?

So, if it’s really disinterest instead of inaction, then I should move on, walk on.

Ooh I want you but I don’t know if I need you..

How often is it that we find ourselves wanting something but after getting it, we realise we never needed it at all?

This distinction between want and need, so very thin, so very misleading.

The thing is, do we really need someone in our life? I’m talking about someone in that romantic sense. Or can we totally live without it? A want?

It’s just one of those things, just when we are convinced that we cannot live without that person, that we need that person to survive, a few years goes by and we survive perfectly well without them.

So this whole thing, this whole thing about wanting someone to spend your life and times with, is it truly a need, or just a frivolous want?



  1. well, sometimes even though we need someone to survive, and that someone is no longer there, and somehow we still managed to survive, it could be due to humans being strong and very adaptable rather than the once need suddenly turning into a frivolous want.

  2. so the question remains, right? is it really a need or a want?

  3. more of a want seeing how humans are meant to be social creatures.

  4. true..*nod*

  5. Letting someone into your life, giving a part of you to him. Losing him, you thought you lost it all, only to find that part of you changed. And you gained that half of the time of your life back – for another one more precious to give.

  6. more precious, really?

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