Sometimes I wonder why I play the waiting game. I wait for everything to come to me. I wait to be asked, I wait to be..everything.

Knowing very well that whatever I wait for is not going to come.

The more I read into things, the more it starts to make sense, the more I feel this sense of wanting and longing. Is this how its supposed to be? Because if it is, really, I’d rather not.

I mean, do you even realise I’m waiting? Nah, didn’t think so.

Wait a minute, I don’t think you realise me at all.



  1. whos this person, who doesnt even realise you at all much less realise youre waiting for them? hmmm…

  2. keekek relax relax la 🙂 waiting can be fun at times…;)

  3. haha, i’m damn impatient, if i ever have to wait for too long then i’d rather not wait and move on. =)

  4. So move.. =)

  5. Waiting for a transcontinental booty call *laugh* just kidding..=P

    i’m moving i’m moving…but then you know how life sucks in the way, just when you start to move, the queue seems to start going faster than it ever was when you were in line?

  6. haha
    i saw the personal msg after i ‘left’
    i was wondering who you were referring to
    i didn’t know i left that big an impression..

    actually, I know that feeling
    but.. sometimes it’ll never be your turn
    maybe you gotta bend down to tie your shoe or something, or u had to go to the toilet REALLY bad..
    by the time you come back, it’s back to waiting in line from the back again

  7. exactly!! like that thing you have going on..*laugh*

  8. =P
    we’re talking about you here..
    please focus!
    kids these days..

  9. hahaha =P

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