It was due yesterday!! You mean you didn’t know?? Girl!! What have you been doing!!

Seriously, I wished I knew the answer.

And that was how I spent my Wednesday morning. Sleepless yet again.

Functioning on 2 hours of sleep every day is no joking matter. Wait, I don’t even call it functioning, I’m just, going through the motions of the day, hoping to find one small window in which I’d be able to keep my eyes close and my stop my mind from moving for a couple of hours. Lately, its all I’ve been asking for.

Oh, and Carl’s Jr of course, but I haven’t had the time.

No time.

It’s funny how I used to say those two words to everyone, but deep inside I enjoyed having no time because at that time it meant I was doing the stuff I really loved. Now I’m just, going through the motions. And it sucks.

It sucks having to survive on 2 hours of sleep everyday. It sucks wanting to rest and sleep but not being able to simply because you body refuses to let you to. Your eyes refuses to close and your mind refuses to shut down.

I read some things I shouldn’t have this morning. Great. What a wonderful start to a day that began even before yesterday ended.

I think sometimes, I really love mindfucking myself.


Take me back to the beginning. 



  1. but at least you managed to finish right? pity i couldnt accompany you. =)

  2. 2 days ago, just had the Guacamole Bacon Double from Carl. ITS DA BESTEST!

  3. hahaha..damnit!! =P but i hate guacamole..*lol*

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