Random thought #17263

Are you wanted & loved because you are/look perfect, or are you perfect because you are wanted & loved?


Insomnia is not a nice thing to be suffering from.



  1. the former.. no need for self delusion. =P

  2. Very cool thought. I’m happy to be in the second category – perfect because I am wanted and loved.

    Insomnia sucks man, I feel your pain. I was on the pills to help me sleep from the doctor for a month! Learning to sleep again without them was the worst!

  3. mark: haha, i like your style =P

    DFP: it’s nice to know you’re in the second category, and hey, great blog =) the web has always been about individuals posting their stories online, it’s nice to see married couples doing the same thing, at the same time without revealing too much of themselves.

    I’m surprised the doctor gave you pills for a month, and yeah it sucks to learn to sleep without them pills..heh..=)

    Thanks for visiting!

  4. yawn. going to be 4am soon and I’m not insomniac by choice.

  5. hey Skye, thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it. Yeah, I was on a serious insomniac kick there for a while along with crazy stress in my life, but I am much better now, thanks!

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