Just when you thought the weather was going to turn warm and humid, the rain comes back.

I hate rain.

I remember how, when I was in school, rain meant that we all had a valid reason to be late for school. Rain meant that we could skip our reading period. Rain meant we would have our PE lessons indoors. Rain was everything good.

But lately, I just hate rain. I can’t concentrate when it’s raining because all I wanna do is to cuddle up in bed and sleep. Rain turns everything wet, and dreary, and I don’t like that. I’ve been dying to head out after being cooped up indoors for 3 days straight but the rain had to come and ruin my plans for the day.

So, for now, for today, I hate rain.

I’m pretty sure that 3 months down the road I’d be praying and wishing and hoping for the rain to come and take some of the heat away, but for now, I hate rain.

I can’t breathe. Not when you’re around, not when you’re not around. Someone make me snap outta this.



  1. I love rain. Rain rain and rain. With all its wetness. Wetness. Wetness. Cold and wet.
    Cold and blanket.
    Blanket and a hot milo.

    And I thought rain should be able to get you to sleep. 🙂 Sleep. And pleasant dreams.

  2. Yeah, I’m sleeping when I shouldn’t be.

  3. We’re having a lot of rain too, which I love having instead of snow.

    Same sleep problems, but I just came to the conclusion that I’m nocturnal. Maybe you are too.

    Sleepwalking and giving people hickies Ms. Nosferatu?

  4. mik: haha, i wish =)

  5. Skip the afternoon rains. There’s been night rains lately.

  6. Rain just fucks up my day. ‘Nuff said.

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