Sleep Issues

I’ve mentioned this before, and for awhile the problem had passed, but then its back, and its getting worse.

I’m insomniac. Again.

I’ve been sleeping at 5am every morning, not because I want to, but because I cannot seem to fall asleep at any other time before that. And the situation gets worse. I would sleep at 5am, get up at 8am, potter around before I collapse back into my bed, and then wake up about 10am or so, the cycle continues, where I finally get up to start my day at 2pm.

2 freaking pm. Sounds like a luxury for alot of you out there, but to me its just frustrating, because by the time I actually get down to do some work, it’s already 4 or 5pm in the day. It screws up whatever social life I have left, and most importantly, its screwing with my sanity. I get frustrated because I only get a few hours of good working time where I get to do my school work, and even before I’m done, it’s time for dinner. I usually eat late, and when I get back to start working again it’s almost midnight.

Then I try to get to bed earlier, but I end up tossing and turning for the next couple of hours.

And no, it’s not the coffee because I skipped my daily dose today and it’s still happening.

Right now, I am going to pop a pill, and hopefully, after that, I can get some actual rest.



  1. try skipping sleep for 36 hours to sleep at a more normal hour
    think of it as resetting the body clock

  2. hmmm…well..i’m forcing myself to survive on only 3 hours of sleep we shall see how that goes =)

  3. actually don’t have any at all just so that you’ll be super tired.
    I had a period of.. irregular sleeping habits and insomnia as well
    even got a prescription..

    but it didn’t work
    i’d wake up after 4 hours of sleep after taking the pill

  4. ah, you have my sympathies =)

  5. no need.. =)
    it was in 2002
    practically a lifetime ago
    for all intents and purposes

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