Sometimes, I can’t help myself, I really can’t.

Who do I have to kill/sleep with to own one of this?

[From TechEBlog]



  1. Nice. I’m searching for the same answer too.

  2. too many ppl likely.. =)

  3. In the words of Paris & Nicole, it’s Hawt.

  4. im searching for that answer too!!

    dear santa. ive been a good boy this year… all 2 months of it.. can i please please please have one? =)


  5. Gallardo with gt wing.. hai.. i do have a Murcielago though. 😉

  6. mark: you’re kidding right..

  7. no i’m not, but you’ll have to drive it from my PC. 😉

  8. and my Murcielago is HIGHLY “zhnged”, btw.

  9. mark: you wanna come test drive my WRX instead? *grin* oh, and mine’s not on my PC =P

  10. name the time and place.

  11. you don’t happen to know the guy who drives the black silvia in school do you? or the pink (read bright) one?

  12. mark: nope i don’t. the pink one is…well, not my kinda pink. *laugh*

  13. it’s nobody’s kinda pink. so, when will i get to test your WRX?

  14. Anytime, it’s sitting on my table top collecting dust anyway *grin*

    Oh, did I mention it’s heavily “zhnged” as well? =P

  15. i’d love to, but i doubt i can fit..

  16. *grin*

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