Floating Trees

It had been awhile since we last met up but there’s just something interestingly conflictual about the relationship between C and me. He’s like the devil who sits on my left shoulder, he never fails to remind me that being naughty is actually okay, and I’m like the angel who sits on his right shoulder, constantly reminding him that he has his obligations to return to at the end of the day, no matter how he tries to deny that they do exist, no matter how much he tries to reason that he is allowed his share of fun every now and then.

We’ve shared bits of our private lives with each other, our plans and dreams. We talk about things like life, love and laugh at ourselves for not wanting to get married. But I wouldn’t exactly call him a friend. I’ve known him for almost 3 years now, that even longer than my longest lasting relationship. But no, he seems too distant to be called a friend, and yet too close to be an acquaintance.

I’m not in the habit of forming commitments or attachment to people I don’t know well. C falls well into this category. I don’t see the need for any of those if anytime you need someone to talk to, call me kind of relationship. But at the same time, him not being just a mere acquaintance also means that he’s someone I’d share bits of my life with. It’s a strange kind of attachment we’ve formed with each other. There’s proximity, but we don’t dig our claws into each other.

We’re just not that kind of person for each other to do so.

For some strange reason, I like having him around, even though its for a mere hour. In that short span of 60 mins, we speak very little but at the same time say alot. He makes me reflect on many things. Its becoming a sort of routine for me, everytime he drops by, his scent lingers on far longer than he was actually present, and everytime, when we say goodbye, he gives the same smile I’ve been familair with. And then, he zooms off in his car, leaving me with my own thoughts.



  1. Everytime we say goodbye, I die a little…
    Everytime we say goodbye, I wonder why a little…

  2. well i think my gf somehow feel the way u do… sometimes we just dont have our choices…

  3. TKS: yeah you get the idea, except I don’t die a little when he leaves *lol*

    rekraine: hmmm, how she feels in relation to? you, or someone else? I’m sorry I don’t quite understand..

  4. yeah in relation to me. 😐

  5. That would be a good thing, no?

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