I apologise for the lack of posts and stories lately. Apart from stuffing my face at Chinese New Year, school work is also fast catching up. Which roughly means that I would be swamped until the end of the week, so posts would be sporadic to say the least.

Random thoughts:

I don’t see how some people can not be able to process certain things in their head. Like, common sense. Like how, in the sea, big waves and choppy waters spell D.A.N.G.E.R while smooth and calm waters are relatively safer. Seems like common sense right? But apparently some people just cannot seem to process such thoughts in their head.

Just because I’m a girl, it doesn’t mean that I am naturally a Feminist. I think Feminism is a load of bullshit. ‘Nuff said.

Where are there so many bimbos in NUS?!? Just today I saw this cookie-cutter girl, dressed in one of those retro-type dresses with patterns on them that shops like to sell these days, complete with accessories. To top it all off, she was wearing this furry thing on her right wrist, which I could only conclude as either a very furry watch, or a very furry thingy that she ties her hair with. Oh, and a very tiny silver bag. It wasn’t tiny per se, but the little contraption was so narrow in width that I wondered how it was physically possible to squeeze anything into it. To give a good perspective, I figured a card the size of our average EZ-Link or Credit Card would not be able to fit into the bag even if it was inserted length wise. Oh, and this group of girls who were discussing everything about the mundane.

For the sake of clarification, cookie cutter girls are girls who basically look like everyone else. Their features may differ, but they have the same long straight hair, jet black/highlighted, or in one of those retro/mod cuts that some girls favour nowadays. They dress in the same kinds of fashion, whatever is “in fashion” at the moment, even if they don’t look good in them. Well, you get the picture.

And speaking of cookie cutter girls, why do so many people aspire to be like them? Just the other day, on two separate incidents, I was on the train heading out to town, and on both separate rides, there were two girls who looked like they were failing miserably to conform. Such a dirty word, it is. Both were, rather big sized (I am trying to refrain from using the word “whale” here), and were squeezed into one of those empire cut tube tops (I have no idea what the proper name is) that flare out and fall below their hips, and shorts/skirts so short that I’m sure if I were any shorter I could see things I don’t exactly want to see. On both occassions these two girls were with their male friends respectively, trying to look 100% hot and oh so woman.

They failed, horrible. In local terms, really cannot make it.

Which always makes me wonder why girls like to conform? Is there a certain comfort in looking like everybody else, even if they know full well no matter how hard they tried to conform, they’d never look like everyone else, and end up looking like a disaster?



  1. Guys conform too: Skinny jeans, pointed sneakers, close cut tops such as Fred Perry polos or tailored plain shirts with skinny (again) ties.

    Cause me pain, Hedi Silmane.

  2. fashion victims.

  3. mykel: skinny jeans, how do people fit into those things? Haven’t seen anyone in skinny ties though, except on the models in TopShop.

    The next thing I don’t understand is how girls can wear stripes. When I mean stripes, I don’t mean the normal pencil stripes, but thick bold crude and crass stripes in two different colours or more. I just don’t get it.

  4. blame it on Topman and the introduction of skinny jeans. in fact, blame it on Singapore and our lack of originality when it comes to fashion.

  5. Yeah I wouldn’t blame it on the stores here. Although I must say that the clothing shops in the heartland shopping malls does have this strange way of stocking up on auntie clothes. Have you seen the bright and loud red clothes in their displays? Geeez…

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