Sometimes, all you want is for time to stop and never move on.
Wouldn’t it be nice if life was a giant DVD, and you could replay the moments that have happened in your life just like they were happening, pause to relive the moments, and fast forward those you don’t like?

If only.



  1. sometimes… i do.. i’d know since i’m a big ass sentimental person..

    think about it

    how will you find new happy memories otherwise if your life was already recorded on a dvd and you can’t escape the dvd?

    unless you wanna say ignorance is bliss..

  2. Simple, because the memories are recorded as you experience them in your present, and since you cannot experience the future until it has become present, they cannot be recorded. =P

    Ok now we’re talking like we’re discussing some kinda new invention for the year 2080 or something =P

  3. i meant how will you live the future memories if you’re doomed to forever just replay what has already happened.

    you said time to stop.. not a continuous recording
    continuous would be called ‘your memory’

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