The V word.

Let’s face it, Valentine’s is commercialised and overstated. I don’t know why couples would take time out to specially celebrate this day. What’s so special about February 14th that sets it apart from every other day? Because the flowers and dinners are overpriced, and you’ll see every other girl walking around on the streets grinning from ear to ear with a bouquet of flowers in her hand?

I never really saw the need for couples to make this day so special. I mean, shouldn’t everyday be the same? Ok, unless you only see each other once a week/month/year, then perhaps that sort of justifies why February 14th might be special. But what if you see each other three times a week? Everyday? What makes this day so ultimately special from the rest of the days?

To be fair, I can understand how some couples may find Valentine’s Day special. Maybe they got together on that day, maybe it’s their first Valentine’s together. That’s sweet. My parents make it a point to celebrate Valentine’s day every year. After being married for 25 years and putting up with each other, I can understand perfectly why they’d want to do something like that. It’s sweet.

And professing your love to a crush on Valentine’s day? That’s cute, really.

But otherwise, I don’t see how this day would be special to anyone else otherwise. Instead of being extra nice to each other on this day, why can’t you do so for the next 20 years of your life, is that so difficult to do?

Oh, and for those singles whining and ranting about how they don’t have a date on Valentine’s day. Seriously, do you really need to find a reason to celebrate even though you’re not attached? Do you have to fucking whine about how you do not have a date on Valentine’s day? Hey, you don’t get dates for the other 364 days of the year, how come you don’t whine on those other days? As much as I think celebrating Valentine’s day is a waste of time, just leave it to those who are in love/falling in love okay?

Don’t fucking over-glorify the damn day more than it already is.



  1. i stayed at home after work just to bloody avoid the fuck crowd outside…

    wow piang eh! clash with pre-newyr sales & commercialised V event… u can imagine how bad the crowd!!!!

  2. you can probably delete this after you read it.

    is there any criteria for getting the password for your protected posts? šŸ™‚

  3. First v day as a married woman and I spent it cutting paper in the office, that is so romantic..

    Always go shopping on the second day of the new year, that’s when the real sale begins :p

  4. spinn: yeah haha, iā€™m gonna leave my chinese new year shopping to AFTER the holidays. =P

    thalia: drop me an email =)

    jess: yeah I read your post on that, but hey, it’s cliche but everyday can be valentine’s. heh, I am soooo waiting for post-Chinese new year sale!

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