Wanted: McDreamy


  • not younger than 25 years of age
  • 1.65m and taller
  • unruly wavy/curly hair like McDreamy in Grey’s Anatomy more than welcome
  • glasses optional
  • piercings optional (although anything other than those on the ears, and anything more than 1 is not acceptable
  • tight buns (and I’m not talking about the edible kinds)
  • intelligent
  • witty
  • must like cats
  • enjoy long meaningful conversations
  • enjoys long walks in the park
  • tech geek/guru
  • likes rock/emo
  • emo types welcome

Need not apply:

  • whales
  • anyone older than 33
  • gaming whores

Enquiries at

Applicants strongly encouraged to read background information before applying.


  1. So… what is the jobscope and incentives of this McDreamy appointment?

  2. TP: Jobscope? *laugh* to put up with my incessant whining and to provide some TLC? Incentives, weeeeelll…he gets to date me..*laugh*

  3. eh sister you should never model your mcdreamy according to how your brudda, ie me is. bad for prospects (ok I have disgusting straight hair but that is just 1 characteristics hurhur). like that confirm cannot find already. I also never model my “meredith gray” after you. HAHA.

  4. Bro: As you always supportive, very wonderful sis, I shall not burst your bubble πŸ˜›

  5. You forgot to ask for recent photo and last year’s tax return as proof of financial stability. Just kidding.

  6. TKS: haha, that’s just pushing it =P

  7. I missed the 1.65m requirement by one centimetre and the 25 years old requirement by 2 years. Would you waive them just for me?

    If so, I’m applying straight away. Where do I send the resume and cover letter to?

  8. tsk.. tsk..

    let’s see
    above 25 – check
    190 – check
    straight jet black – not so check
    contacts – check?
    no piercings – not check? not sure how optionals fit in
    tight buns.. – to be humble or boastful? okok.. not check.. *takes the humble route*
    intelligent – goes without saying.. check πŸ˜‰
    witty – o yea..
    cats – http://pics.livejournal.com/dcsjin/gallery/0001qaxt
    long meaningful conversations – i’m hopeless at small talk
    walks in the park – only in autumns and winters
    tech god
    rock ballads emo enough?
    emo – check

    ok.. so no one comes close i reckon.. =P

  9. Kelvin: you have a girlfriend! *laugh*

    Dylan: 190? too tall for me la =P

  10. But but…
    I don’t know. Perhaps, somehow I’m in the same state as you’re (maybe slightly better)? We don’t see each other as often anymore and she gives me cold shoulders. I don’t know… it drives me crazy.

    I mean, all I want is a meaningful relationship with someone who is sane and a little appreciative about life – Is that too much for a guy to ask for?

    And, no, I’m not even looking for a girl to marry – but let’s just pretend that we just might. Afterall, this world is too crazy for us to be living it alone.

  11. it doesn’t matter half the time.. =)
    tall = win

    my 2 5’2″ exes’ will attest to that.. =P

  12. Kelvin: then maybe the two of you should start talking to each other and working things out =)

    Dylan: haha, I’m sure there are benefits of having a tall boyfriend, the last time I dated someone tall, he was 182cm and my eye level was only at his chest…so =P

  13. .. you’re quite short then..
    there are benefits to that too..


  14. taller better la! you’re not too short urself leh…

  15. Dylan: what are the benefits for a tall person having a short girlfriend then?

    spinnee: haha, compared to Dylan I am what! =P

  16. well… you’ll have to ask around cos i ain’t telling..


    happy valentine’s oh u bunch of cynics =)

  17. Dylan: right..=P by the way..we don’t celebrate no Valentine’s here at ABJ. =P

  18. *grin*

    I’m sure..
    see you at phuture =)

    kidding.. I’m in mal.. =)

  19. Dylan: haha, I’m sure there’s Phuture in M’sia too =)

  20. err.. i don’t think so? =)
    and i’m not a clubbing person

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