Double Lives.

This may/may not be fiction, but it’s so true.

How many of us have been the guy? Just needing a quick fix even though you know it’s wrong. Even though you know that after you’re done you will return into the loving arms of another who will, you hope, never ever find out what you’ve did, what you may have been doing.

How many of us have been the girl? The agent provocateur, the one who is just there to satisfy your own needs and his. Who may, or may not know that he has someone out there waiting for him.

How many of us have been both on separate occassions?

But, what makes it so wrong? That there is someone out there waiting for you, oblivious to your thoughts? That’s the obvious.

But just because there is a need that makes it so right, does it make it justifiable?

Some things we don’t think about, especially when we’re blinded by all the needs, wants and desires. But when it all dies down, when leading a double life takes its toll on you, then what gives?

Just because it’s so wrong, does it make it so right?



  1. One fearful thing about life is moments.
    Lust comes in a moment.
    Greed comes in a moment.
    Suicide comes in a moment.
    I fear moments. I hope I won’t surrender anymore. Hah.

  2. “I know you want some answers but what is the right answer? Because there is no answer. There’s just life.” totally ripped off OTH.

    one day, we may all grow tired of having to lead lives of lies and deceptions. but i will always treasure those temporal moments of insanity, exhilaration and being fallibly human.

  3. chaosm: true, everything comes in a moment, and it’s always those moments that come that are so life-changing, isn’t it?

    thalia: hmmm, i agree we may all grow tired, but do we take breaks or simply just walk away from it? It’s a little like smoking, you try to quit, but then most of the time it hardly ever lasts.

  4. Talking about smoking. My friend managed to quit smoking more than 10 times.
    I’ve played the double, triple, quadruple identity game once in my life. I think it’s enough for me. It’s pure indulgence. And it’s not a need. It’s a moment of want. But I’m glad I’ve play the game before.
    Now I know I must not waste my time, and should instead pursue my dreams wholeheartedly. I want a more meaningful life. And of course, my family’s waiting for the bread and bacon and rice and vege that I bring home.

  5. chaosm: i guess we all would grow out of it eventually, we recognize the real needs and eventually work towards them. but temptation knows no age, you’d never know when it’ll hit, wouldn’t you

  6. infidelity is a decision. it’s morally wrong to cheat on someone that you’re in an exlcusively relationship with. if one can’t commit to a monogamous relationship, then he/she should be wise enough to know he/she is not ready to be in one. every action one takes has consequences. imagine the lasting effect it will have on the one who has been cheated on. is it right? i guess it depends on how you want to live your life and at the end of it all, will you still be able to lift your head and be proud of your actions.

    ps. great writing!

  7. nobody: well said, and thanks =)

  8. its a true story.. and to the reader’s next possible question, no.

  9. ah, solves the mystery then =)

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