I was early for an appointment today, and since I had about more than an hour to spare, I grabbed myself a drink at Starbucks and sat myself down with a book.

There weren’t many people at the smoking area, a couple of middle-aged ladies who were at the table beside the one I was seated at, discussing finances of sorts, and their kids (what else). There were two groups of men, both in pairs, in some deep discussion about work (I reckon), and then beside me, was this lone man, who had nothing else but himself, his pack of cigarettes, and a bottle of iced water.

As I sat down at the table next to him, I thought he was just another one of those smokers who just wanted to have a quick smoke and move on. But then minutes passed, and I was already on to the second chapter of my book. He was still there. Alone. Talking to himself. At times he would bow his head down and seemed deep in thought.

And I wondered, how could anyone sit himself there alone for so long without a book, music, or even, conversation?

I am ashamed to admit that for a while I thought he was a little looney because he kept talking to himself. But I glanced over and for that split second I realised, he may just be feeling alone. That he may have his own story to tell, and that he was sitting there without anything else for a reason.

I left him alone and walked away to join my friends. On my way there, I realised the whole world was just…whizzing past me. Everyone else was overtaking me in my path, taking quick strides to wherever they were heading.

I mean, granted that I am short, have short legs, and hence my walking pace may be slower than others simply because my strides are shorter. Then I realised, I was strolling along, while everyone was…in a hurry. Couples, groups, individuals were all rushing past me, seemingly in a hurry, and I was the only one strolling along taking in the sights and sounds.

My question is, why is everyone in a hurry? To go home? To get to their loved ones? Maybe. But do they need to be in such a hurry? Maybe they’re running late. But still…

Why do we have to be always in a hurry? To finish our education, to start work, to finish working, to retire, to run from one point to another in our lives. We are always in a hurry. Why can’t we sometimes stop and take a slow stroll, and take in the sights and sounds around us?

Why is it always so difficult to stop and slow down, to look and to listen?



  1. It’s difficult for the moment they slow down and think, they will realise that everything that they had worked so hard for amounts to nothing.

    Life has no meaning and not everyone can learn to accept that, they prefer to rush through life and pretend that what they do means something.

  2. Yeah, like lemmings.

  3. eh, he using bluetooth headset la. thats why he seemed like he is talking to himself. you paranoid la, as usual. HAHAHAHAHA

  4. haha..idiottt…=P

  5. i love people watching. i have often mistaked people talking on headsets as crazy schizophrenics… it’s an easy mistake to make

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