What would you do?

Let’s imagine that you are a not-so-good-looking person. Make it, less than average. You undergo plastic surgery and now you are a little less flabby on the spots that matter, your face is more sculpted, your features sharper. Basically, you  now look, average.

Ok fine, depending on who you talk to, somewhere between average and above average. Relativity’s a bitch.

Ok, so you’re average looking. And you meet this really good looking, successful, and single man.

You drop a hint. He takes it up. He asks you to meet him at his place tonight at 9am.  You appear. He wants you to put on something more comfortable, and he’s left it on his bed.

You walk in to find a paperbag.  Yes, a paperbag.  He wants you to put it over your head while he fucks you.

Your one chance to hook up with someone hot, rich and successful. Save for the paperbag over your head.

Would you?



  1. black comedy. like some woody allen monologue. nice.

  2. got it off Nip/Tuck..=)

  3. hell no. i’d burn his mothafuckin house down!

  4. Haha V, that’s a good one 😉

  5. Wadaheow! Assuming the genders are reversed, I’ll fuck her. And I’ll make sure I’ll hump the brains out of her.

  6. Yeap! That’s Nip/Tuck. Damn that Christian.

  7. TP: haha, so she’ll change her mind about the paperbag? 😉

  8. why on earth shld the woman degrade herself so much for a guy?

  9. Guess the paperbag has to go on no matter what. Anyway, its 1 for my dignity, and 1 for my Member.

  10. Peipei: Masochism =)

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