Perfect Love

“I want to be beautiful so that I’ll be loved by someone like you.”

I overheard this on a advertisement on TV for the next episode of Nip/Tuck on Channel 5.

Alot of people will scoff at that one sentence, wondering how silly this girl must be to think that way. But really, hasn’t this thought cross the minds of many others at least once in their lives? That perhaps, if I was more beautiful, he’ll like me? That if I was taller/longer hair/bigger eyes/sharper nose/slimmer, he’ll love me more?

It’s strange how people do equate physical beauty (or the lack of it) with love and affection. True that the initial attraction may be based on whats physical, but shouldn’t it go beyond that after like say, the first 30 seconds into the conversation? Well, at least that’s what I grew up thinking.

I suppose, in a moment of desperation, we all get deluded. That somehow, because the attraction isn’t mutual, we begin to find a million and one reasons to justify why the affection isn’t reciprocated. Does it necessarily make a person feel better to put the blame on something tangible like their looks, rather than just admit the fact that somehow, the stars for them just aren’t aligned in that way?

In a perverse way, maybe. To be able to put the blame on something you can see and most importantly, have the opportunity to change, makes one less helpless as compared to facing something which you cannot change.

I suppose it seems like a redundant question to ask, knowing what the answers would most probably be. But seriously, if a person decides to make himself/herself more beautiful for your sake, would it change the way you feel towards him/her?



  1. i think anyone who’s willing to go under the knife for love is despearte in an admirable way. the heart works in really mysterious methods. when we dislike someone, we see the flaws no matter how pretty she is. but when we love someone, we see the beauty only, regardless of how ugly she can be. that’s why they say that we should find someone who accepts us for who we are, physically and characteristically. but then again, who?

  2. yeah true. no one is perfect i guess, and can you really find someone who would accept you wholeheartedly for you who are? we are humans and we nitpick and compare, it’s inevitable.

  3. it’s easier to notice the physical things and fixate on them. not everybody puts a mirror up to what’s going on inside themselves that may be the root cause of why love isn’t working out. our bodies aren’t so easily hidden. scapegoat bonanza.

  4. I think that plastic surgery is a little extreme, and if someone did that for me, I’d be a little freaked out.

    But as for self improvement, getting in shape, I guess I would appreciate it but it wouldn’t really make me love them any more.

    If they were improving themselves for themselves, on the other hand, I might love them more, because I really respect that in people- when they have enough self-respect to take care of themselves.

  5. v: true that =)

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