My obsession with Gum

Chewing gum that is.

I was born of the generation, who ran to the Mama shop just outside my primary school after school everyday to buy a piece of the $0.20 bubble gum to chew on (you know, the one with the tattoos you apply with water). Otherwise it would be buying a pack of those Wrigley’s chewing gum.

Then came the horrifying news, that chewing/bubble gum would be banned in Singapore. My world came crashing down.

No, I’m just joking.

After the ban I actually was able to wean myself off chewing/bubble gum, and when the rare opportunity came where I was offered a piece, I would just chew it for 30 mins max and throw it away. Jaws tired, la.

But then, as I got older, I relied on chewing gum for EVERYTHING. It helps when I’m nervous, to chew something to ease the nerves. It helps to get rid of the after-smoke smell/taste in your mouth. It even helps when I need a little bit of sugar in my system.  It helps to keep me awake during lectures/tutorials/exams.

Back then, I was lucky because every year I had friends who went overses and everytime they would come back with a year’s supply of chewing gum. I was a happy girl.

Today I was rummaging in my bag for gum after my ciggarette and to my  horror, I realised I was down to my LAST PIECE of gum.

Which is why, now, I am on the hunt for chewing gum “suppliers”.

And no, don’t start telling me to try Nicorette. I don’t want to quit smoking.



  1. drive to JB & get it, my dear… 🙂

  2. no time & no car leh..*laughs*

  3. Why did singapore ban gum?

  4. V: because everyone was littering the place with chewed gum, and it became a nuisance because people were sticking their chewed gum on our trains. you can imagine the sticky situations. =)

  5. I would prefer my woman to satisfy her oral fixation in some other manner, and I have some suggestions… 😉

  6. I used to chew packs a day until I stopped cold turkey, since I had a gum business. You should try turning your habit into $$.

  7. I will buy for you next time I drive up to Malaysia for breakfast. Wrigley’s I assume?

  8. Buy it at guardian pharmacies. But prices are abit ex. $1.60 for 10 pieces.

  9. Mik: gum is banned here, and only sold for dental hygiene purposes =)

    TKS: you drive up to M’sia for breakfast?!?

    Antz: thanks but I’d rather not

  10. when i can’t chew gum, i chew on other little titbits like toffees and mentos. if i can’t find any toffees or mentoses, i chew on my boyfriend’s tits and bits.

  11. Ehh..tooooo much info can..*laugh*

  12. hello i ma do a project on the ban but i need more information

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