I’ve always had problems with sleep. I think it started with examination stress. When I was sitting for my ‘O’ Level exams, I remember not being able to fall asleep, and tossing and turning in bed for at least a couple of hours before I could fall asleep.

Needless to say, the trend continued while I was sitting for my ‘A’s. Dispersed within these periods of sleepless nights were also weird dreams of how I would turn up for an exam without having revised for it, but that’s another story for another day.

Seriously, since starting University I have had very irregular sleep patterns. There would be periods when I would need alot of sleep (trust me when I mean alot, I’m talking 12 hours a day), and there would be periods where the usual 7 to 8 hours is good enough for me.

Most of the time, I’m insomnic, and I could probably get by with like 4 to 5 hours of sleep a day. Which, is pretty decent for me I guess.

I know what alot of people would have to say about this, that this is due to stress, etc. I’m saying maybe. But it used to be manageable, now, it’s getting out of hand.

I would start to feel sleepy at say, 12mn or 1am. Usually, I’d go to bed and fall asleep by about 2am, give and take.

3 hours later (which is like 5am), without any external “intervention”, I’d be awake. Wide awake.  And then I’d get up, check my emails (force of habit, even at 5am in the morning), write stuff like this on my blog, and crawl back into bed by 6am and hopefully by then I’d be able to fall asleep again.

You can see what kinda problems this entails, especially when I’m the kind who never fails to wake up before 10am, unless the day before I’ve had massive amounts of sugar and caffeine pumped into my system, then I’d probably wake up at noon.

And especially when I’ve got morning classes.

But I’ve been lucky because I only have one morning class on a Monday, but because of my sleeping, problem, I’ve missed two already.

I’m contemplating visiting the doctor for this, but I know they’ll just prescribe pills and I just don’t like the idea of using medication when I’m not exactly ill.

Does anyone have any home remedies for this?


  1. Used to have the same problem when I was in uni. Managed to cure this by going for runs around the campus every day to make myself tired.

    Taking up some sports will help. Go try it.

  2. Warm milo or warm milk works for me. Camomile tea sometimes. Exercise (does not start with a capital S). About one hour before bed, don’t do things that excite or stimulate the brain too much.
    And my personal most effective trick, read something super-dry. I used to have some thick philosophical books with very small prints by my bed when I was in uni. Until now, I still have not finished them.
    Btw, sorry for the late email.

  3. Some folks use melatonin which is available from most pharmacies, but you might wanna check with a doc that it’s not sleep apnea… more common than we think.

  4. rainingz: I do play sports regularly and I run on a regular basis

    Chaosm: tried and failed

    TKS: hmm melatonin? interesting

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