I’m Celibate

No, it’s not a joke, although several people I’ve spoken to are still in shock I reckon. I had two indecent proposals the night before and when I told them I’m celibate they just went “You’re KIDDING!”.

No, not really.

Don’t ask why though, I just figured I needed a break from all these, “nonsense”. I think it’s partly because I’m just too lazy to venture out on my own to destination X in the middle of the night. Please don’t talk to me about staying over and yadda yadda yadda because I don’t do stayovers. I mean, what’s the point right, I’m  not gonna cuddle with you. Urgh. Post-coital cuddles are reserved for Boyfriends.

Seriously, the only reason why I’ve not been having random sex is because I have too many things going on right now and sex is really the last thing on my mind. And also, I never thought I’d ever say this but this is the kinda time where you don’t want to have done certain things which would have negative repurcussions and end up coming back to haunt.

Yes, by golly! I have a conscience!

No, seriously. It’s not the conscience speaking, but well sometimes, you just need a break. And the perfect time for one is now.

How long would the break be? I don’t know.  One year? A month? Three weeks?

I really don’t know. But don’t worry, I still have an entire treasure trove of stories waiting to be recounted.


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