I dance to your tune.

I always believed that how a person behaves in a general social setting can differ very completely from how the same person behaves from say, the dating scene.  I mean, I could be wrong, but this based on personal experience anyway. So there.

But really, growing up, in school, I was always the outspoken kid. The one who never hesitates to open her mouth to speak up, to say something really witty, or to say something reaallly dumb. I’m always the go-getter, the one who went all out to get what she wanted in life, and I’m always the one in the group who took the initiative to do stuff. (You know how girls are like, they take 1 hour to decide where to eat, and then another hour to decide what to eat.)

On the dating scene, I’m a little lacklustre, relatively.

I never liked making the first move. I always wait. And wait, until the other party makes the first move. For everything. From making conversation to going out on a date. Even sex.

What happens if I’m interested in someone and he doesn’t make the first move?

Well then, if he doesn’t make the first move, then wouldn’t it mean that he isn’t interested? Then it’s no go, isn’t it?

I know some of you girls out there would absolutely beg to differ. But I just don’t like making the first move. Not ever.

I’d rather wait, or not get it at all.



  1. You just gotta go with what you’re comfortable with… so if that means not making the first move, then so be it…

  2. *laughs* I’m sure there are lotsa girls out there who think otherwise though =)

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