People like to form mental images, there’s no doubt about it.

Its especially so when you read a person’s blog. It’s like, their whole life (well, almost) is just displayed right before your eyes, and day after day, month after month, you read about the chronicles of someone’s life. Someone you’ve never met, never heard, never seen, but you feel like you know them so damn well, simply because you read about their thoughts, what happens in their everyday life, their dreams, their aspirations.

And from that, we form mental images of how the person looks like, how the person behaves, sounds, thinks. Suddenly, you have this entire image of this persona in your head, that everytime you read their blog you start to think that maybe, just maybe, you know this person, and you know her well.

But do you really? Is what you read of that person really true? Or do you want it to be true?

What if I was just lying about everything I’ve ever written on this blog? What if the pictures weren’t real?

What if this entire thing was a lie, would it be a crime?



  1. People choose what they want to believe in, it’s never a crime to lie for they are the ones that choose to believe you.

    Blogs are like stories, it does not matter if they are fact or fiction, as long as the writer and the reader enjoy the process.

  2. And the answer is probably “no” (unless they’re asking for money).

  3. Still, seems strange for someone to be writing about something totally untrue and passing it for something totally true, with the readers lapping it up as truth, or am I missing out on something here?

  4. We enjoy being at odds with the norm, seeing beauty in ugliness, but how many others are like us?

    They like to believe in the beauty of life, about how wonderful everything and everyone is, so they believe in the make-believe world that we create.

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