In case anyone does not watch Grey’s Anatomy. Here’s why McDreamy is, McDreamy.

Meredith meets stranger at a bar, brings him home, has sex, and finds out less than 24 hours later he is her superior. A weird romance sort of develops. He is nicknamed McDreamy (they have this thing for naming ppl Mc-something). Later, Meredith finds out McDreamy is married and in the process of going through a divorce with his wife who cheated on him. McDreamy decides he cannot let go of his wife and chooses to go back to her, leaving Meredith heartbroken and pining for him for the better part of Season 2.

In Season 3..well, I’m not going to say what happens in Season 3, but the couple is happy. Which couple? Go figure.

Anyway, I think every girl very secretly wants a McDreamy. Fine, I’m not your typical girl, but I want a McDreamy. MY McDreamy.

Not someone who I have sex with and then end up falling for, not that part because to me, that is  just disaster waiting to happen.

Rather, I want a McDreamy, someone who I can pine for, someone whom, would pine for me just like McDreamy in Grey’s does with his McDreamy eyes, who does the right thing because of obligation, who later decides do to the other right thing because he wants to follow his heart. Someone who makes me laugh and makes me cry for all the right reasons. Someone who despite not understanding why I do the things I do, tries to appreciate them. Someone who, even though does not indulge in the same hobbies as I do, tries to understand and accept the fact that I love doing them and there’s nothing he can do to make me change it. Someone who gives me my space, someone who is there spiritually even though he may not be there physically.

Ok, maybe McDreamy in Grey’s isn’t like the one I just described. Up to the point where I was just done watching Grey’s, McDreamy was for Meredith, someone who was so wrong but felt so right.

Maybe it’s too ridiculous to ask for someone who is so wrong but feels so right, almost like I”m trapped in some fairy tale with a happy ending. But really, what do I have to do to find someone who would make me truly happy?



  1. Are u a Gemini?

  2. Dae: No I’m not, far from it actually. Why?

  3. Just a thought that crossed my mind when I skimmed thru your entry above. Guess I need to refine my understanding of astro character analysis further…

    That said, I like Grey’s Anatomy as well, 1 of the few TV serials I do watch. It’s hilarious & moving occasionally. And I pick up quite a few songs from it.

    Coming back to McDreamy: why do women find Derek dreamy continues to confound me – I find McDreamy not of dreamy material but quite a match with Meredith who seems to be always sad, whiny & emotionally vulnerable. Probably their Venus signs are in alignment.

    That vet, Finn, played by Chris O’Donnell and that Addison’s lover, Mark. Now those are dreamy material. :p


  4. Damn, I make my wife laugh and cry for all the wrong reasons.
    Frankly, guys need a fair amount of training to become your perfect guy. I know ’cause my wife used to whip me. The problem is – by the time your guy is fully-trained, you’ve grown up older to demand yet another different set of criteria for your now imperfect guy to fit into.

  5. Dae: what was the thought that crossed your mind then? *laughs* to me, McDreamy isn’t attractive because he looks good, but its just the kinda effect he has on Meredith, you know =)

    Oh, McSteamy is just..repulsive..*laughs* except for the little moments he shares with Addison =P

    chaosm: I kinda agree with what you say, but there will come a time when we all stop growing and demanding, that’s when we truly arrive at what we want, isn’t it?

  6. So which is better? McDreamy or Mr Big?

    And oh, by the way, nobody knows I’m Elvis. Just felt that saying that… 🙂

  7. Im glad we share the same sentiment on the McSteamy part. HAHA Speaking of which, where is season 3… hmm…

  8. The image of u wanting “this” but yet a conflicting “that”. The two-mindedness that characterises Geminis.

    I guess u just long for someone to fill the missing pieces of your heart, one who makes u feel all settled down…

    Incidentally, it was Cristina who christened Derek McDreamy because of the effects he has on Meredith – she goes into that “dream-like” state when she sees him around.

  9. TKS: *laughs*

    Dae: *laughs* yeah I knew it was Cristina, strange that Burke doesn’t have a Mc-something though

  10. Burke is sooooooo serious that he’s McBlackFACE! That’s why Cristina likes him; she’s got a thing for serious, ultra competitive SOB.

    Plus he called George a faggot on the set.

  11. I’m not surprised, she’s a Type A herself =P

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