Hung out at HV with the Brudder. Mulled over everything from relationships to cars to why riding motorcycles are dangerous.

Then the topic of loneliness (somewhat) came up.

It’s strange because I remember, awhile back, when I was in secondary school, and close friend and I were musing how it is always in the night time, during the wee hours of the morning when the better half of the world is asleep that people tend to feel lonely.

Whether or not I actually have an answer to that is another issue altogether.

But it’s amazing how loneliness just hits at the weirdest moments, doesn’t it?  And so ironic at the same time.

Because, isn’t it when you should feel the least lonely, that the loneliness hits you the hardest?

I realise, I’ve been ranting ALOT these couple of days. But really, when you don’t have enough sex and too much on the mind, this tends to happen. To me, at least.

Maybe I should get myself some action soon.



  1. I feel the most lonely when in a big crowd or a big group. And the least lonely when I am by myself…

  2. you will never think you’re lonely unless you define that moment as loneliness. you know lah, that janet jackson song about ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’.

  3. Loneliness always help me to find out what I really want.. ..

    Biking is not dangerous, it’s reckless drivers that are dangerous.

  4. It’s the missing pieces in your heart that are yearning to be filled, to be completed.

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