I think it could be the stress mounting up, explaining the flurry of posts these couple of days. I suppose it would die down in the coming week since I’d be pretty occupied.

Anyway, I came across the blog of a friend, in which a post was dedicated to someone. Well, not exactly. In her post, obviously meant for someone, she tells that person that she’s been trying to contact said person, and that an email has been sent. Towards the end, were the three words “I’ll be waiting”.

Three very simple words but means so much.

I’ve come across so many blogs in which the authors explicitly record how they feel, to whom the feelings are targetted. Seriously, I applaud them for their bravado. Because obviously, if a particular message is meant for a person, and you put it explicitly on your blog, it only means that it’s meant for that person to find out and read about.

Expressing your true feelings to a particular person on your blog even though you write in anonymity. It takes alot of guts.

Something which I suppose I’ll never be able to do.

Unless of course, I’m pissed at someone.

But then again, if I’m pissed at that person, they don’t even deserve a space here.



  1. sometimes these posts are just for the sake of venting out somewhere. it’s always better to voice out your feelings for someone rather than be wishy-washy about it. who knows, maybe a third-party might see it and somehow direct the intended party to the post, and viola! someone can start booking the dinner tables soon.

  2. Jon: not gonna happen *laughs*

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