So, who are you again?

This got me thinking.

We all have different sides to our personalities.

And each and every side is meant for different groups of people.

But does it really matter, who we choose to be in front of others, or is it what and how others see us that really is important?

Because what’s the point in me being, say, personality M, when all you see is personality S?  It doesn’t make much sense does it?

Would how I behave in front of you ultimately alter your pre-conceived preception of me and how I ought to behave? Would that, in turn alter my behaviour in front of you, such that ultimately, even though I really am personality M, I become personality S when I’m communicating with you?

And then there’s also the issue of who, and what you can control right? What if personality S gets out of control and eventually takes over the mental faculties of personality M? Then what happens?



  1. These are personae: mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, lover, muse, saint, virgin, whore, employer, employee, dancer, couch potato, singer, songwriter, technician, layperson, Christian, Hindu, dominant, subservient, student, teacher, not to mention gender roles and citizenships.

    Personae. These are the masks we wear, masks of ego, mostly. A veneer, a shell of humanity—not very thick—razor thin—, not very durable—destroyed in an instant—, yet resilient—we bounce back, if only sometimes.

    And ourselves in the mirror, that’s a different story all together. None of these are “Self,” they are all an illusion. We even sometimes buy into the illusion, but that is simple pathology, omnipotence, and delusions—that we are something we are not, that we are not the same person we were a second ago. At least not on the cellular level. Who are we? Who am I? Who are you?

  2. Then….you have a multiple-personality-disorder =D.

  3. Aristocrat: haha! maybe =P

  4. There is the ideal of the type of person you want to be. And there is the person you actually end up to be.
    You tend to fluctuate less in the choice of masks you wear as you get older. Some masks will get to become more comfortable and used more often. Some masks become rather versatile and can be worn for many occasions. Some masks, well, they just end up being your face.
    Masks, in a way, are about coping. If a certain mask hijacks your life, there must be a reason to it. If you want to pry it off and regain control, I will be delighted to provide suggestions.

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