It’s not everyday you meet someone of the opposite sex you feel comfortable with, and within a couple of days of knowing each other, hit it off like two people who have known each other since, forever.

So, bearing in mind the rarity of such an occurance, I was encouraged by my brudder to write a post on him, telling the world of our wonderful friendship.

The truth is, my “brudder” and me, we verbally abuse each other. Alot. Like, on a daily basis. Like, every single one of our sentences is punctuated by a “fuck you laa” or some other equivalent.

It sounds alot like an awfully unhealthy relationship, but trust me, this is the way we vent our frustrations, and help each other to vent our frustrations. Seriously, regardless of whether we’re happy, sad, emo, depressed, devastated, elated, there would always be a healthy dose of verbal abuse going between the two of us.

Anyway, I was inspired to write a post on my dear brudder, who is currently very single, very available, because I spent about 2 hours in sheer madness with him. Don’t ask why, but everytime we hang out it’s either we just go crazy. And talk utter crap with each other.

So, in light of our very, erm, mutually antagonistic relationship, I absolutely have to share the wonders of my brudder’s personality.

To ALL the single girls out there who actually read my blog, if you girls are currently single and looking, my brudder is:

  1. 174cm tall – somewhere around there laaa…
  2. Slim – although he thinks he has a paunch. I say men are always their own worst enemy *grin*
  3. Nice soft hair – I’m jealous
  4. Smart – Very intelligent to be exact
  5. Speaks well
  6. Able to hold intellectual conversation
  7. Able to make a girl laugh – I swear he’s my funniest guy friend, then again, I’m easily tickled.

And he would like to meet a girl who is..

  1. Shorter than him
  2. Slim
  3. Nice boobs
  4. Smart
  5. Speaks well
  6. Able to hold intellectual conversation
  7. Likes playing mahjong/billards/poker – pick one =P
  8. Able to clean his room wearing nothing but lingerie – optional


  1. very pai seh…

  2. Can I send in my stats and wish list too? Just kidding…

  3. idont know why but all i could do was stare at the ” nothing but lingerie” part and wonder how the heck one can watch while a chick wears that prancing around picking up his room for him and NOT jump her like 30 seconds after she bends over ?

    ok that’s me and my sexually deprived self talking.

  4. Biatch: maybe it’s the erm, thrill of seeing her do that? *laughs* *shrugs*..

  5. erm, i would take less than 30seconds. 10seconds max or else it would be an insult to her.

  6. how about nothing but an apron on :p oh, must have the thing maids wear on their head.. Now that’s interesting

  7. French maid uniform you mean =)

  8. eh sister, no need french maid uniform la. ANY apron will do. I am not the picky sort. HAHA white apron, black pantyhose with garters and a small little feather duster. I am easily contented.

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