Best Friends.

I haven’t seen my best friend in close to a year. We’ve both been busy with our own lives that we its just so hard to make it to meet each other. Not that we haaven’t tried. But sometimes, you just can’t make it work.

But still, we’ve never stopped being best friends. Even though we’ve stopped being the first person each other runs to when there are problems, the emotional and spiritual links still remain. Everytime we see each other we don’t waste time in getting reacquainted, we just pick up right where we left off.

She’s been the one who always knew me well, and likewise, for her. When she suffered her first heartbreak, I was there with my shoulder for her to cry on, and when I had my first heartbreak, she was there with all sorts of insults for the ex that I couldn’t help but laugh instead of feel sad.

But that was a long way back, and we’ve grown. Just like how we were always opposites of each other, always complementing and never contradicting, we’ve grown in different directions. While exchanging sms-es on the latest gossip on our acquaintances, I realised that somewhere, somehow, I’ve not only grown, but I’ve changed.

It seemed that somehow, I am no longer the giggly schoolgirl, with the silly crushes, doing the silly things to get the attention of that boy in the next class.

That was almost 3 years ago.

How things have changed now.

Seriously, should I not do anything? If I don’t, doesn’t that make me a coward? If I do, am I willing to risk it all?



  1. i love my bestie too. Cant imagine life w/o her.

  2. I can identify with you in regards to this. Where when life starts after school and everything starts to “speed” up. Even the best of friends did not have time (when you have time, they don’t and vice versa).

    Alas, I guess this is part and parcel of life. Good thing for you, that you have yet met your best friend for only a year. I’ve yet met mine for close to 7years but still keep in touch from time to time. (Maybe when there are changes in our mobile. Haha…)

    Nonetheless, we have to face this. We have our own set of individual lives to live on. Should we not do anything, there’s a saying that anything left not done, will detoriate. Change is a constant in life…

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