I think I’m turning frigid.

Not because of any other problems of the sexual nature though, but it’s just that things have been changing and are still in the process of changing.

I think, maybe, just maybe, that I may be falling, all over again.

Don’t know if its a good thing, but hey, it’s about enjoying what the present brings that’s important right?

And so I will.

The intellectual attraction is just far  more desirable than the physical or sexual attraction right now. So much that I’ve found myself turning down many other (indecent) proposals for nothing more than pleasure provided by the mind through nothing less than words.

Desire is a dangerous thing.




  1. maybe u not getting it from the right guy yet ?
    it will come… it will come… =)
    maybe this is wat we called the barren spell.

  2. hmm… why do u look for intellectual guys? which aspect of them turns u on? onli smart guys are good enuff for u? how do u judge if a guy is intellectual? by the way he carries himself and the way he speaks? usually guys behave very differently in front of women. May be thats why this aspect is important? to be able to APPEAR smart in front of u?

  3. No wonder I smell that love is in the air.
    Wet wet wet.

  4. monk: because it takes more than the sense of sight alone to tell a genius from a madman *smiles*

    chaosm: *laughs*

  5. Geniuses are probably a little more ‘eccentric’ as they utilise a higher proportion of their cerebral cortex. Afterall, they are well capable for coming up with positive ideas that are truly original.

    That said, intellectual appeal is 1 of the sustainable attraction in a life partnership & companionship till old age provided he/she doesn’t succumb to AD, PD, dementia or any other cerebral degenerative disorders/diseasess. Sexual appeal isn’t. Yes, I do see way beyond my time on Earth. 🙂

  6. Dae: Was just trying to prove a point to monk cause he seemed pretty skeptical 🙂

    And yes, as you would expect, I agree wholeheartedly. Afterall, at the end of the day, when the body turns saggy and the act isn’t as enjoyable anymore, then a relationship built on physical attraction and sex probably wouldn’t last. In fact, I doubt one has to wait until the body sags to get tired of each other. We all know how humans tire of physical beauty easily.

  7. All rite.. point noted 🙂

  8. Ha! I do not think anyone would be still consummating with his/her life partner when he/she is 80 of age. It would be interesting though for geriatric research.

    I do think there is lasting & sustainable physical beauty (my definition of which may significantly differ from that of the masses), even till old age, which, as u might expect, requires intensive effort & investment or just plain good DNA + good regular exercise regime. But it will pale in the halo of a good heart & well-balanced character.

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