Just one of those days.

It’s strange how, words from an almost stranger, almost acquaintance can stir certain emotions from you. It’s strange how, a seemingly light-hearted conversation among two people who clicked in the strangest ways possible, can stir emotions that compliment what came from the stranger.

You want to let go but somehow you can’t find the strength to, but if someone else comes along, would you then find the courage to let go of one and hold on to another?

The answer is, I don’t know.

Bro, maybe you’re right, maybe deep down inside I am a hopeless romantic at heart. But isn’t that what everyone craves for in their lives? For romance?

But then, as much as I develop soft spots for people too easily, I tend to dream too hard and too fast, and all at once, they come as quickly as they go.

I have horrible judgement of people, most of the time anyway. Those who, at one glance I thought were beautiful turned out to be monsters. Those I felt were ugly became my angels.

Anyway, the lyrics of this song hit so hard that it just stuck, playing over and over and over again in my head…

快阻止 時間倒轉
當我們 再次遇見
怎樣的表情 最適合隱瞞
我依然 愛你很深


別試探我 真的感覺
我怕 忍不住 又回頭眷戀


不愛 就轉身離開
一個人 把回憶推翻
不愛 否定了未來
你恨我 別心軟 我也不為難


不容許 誰還牽絆
誤解了 別離的美
不可能重來 這遺憾的愛
我們都 誠實對待


不愛 就這麼離開
一個人 被寂寞牽絆
不愛 承受這悲哀
I Love You Forever 不能說出來


不愛 就轉身離開
一個人 我學會忍耐
不愛 承擔這悲哀
I Love You Forever 我微笑離開
I Love You Forever 就這樣 不愛





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