I’ve been a good girl in 2007, save for a rather erotic encounter over a quickie lunch session a week ago, I’ve never had sex with anyone else.

I am actually enjoying the lack of sex for awhile, and I”m seriously contemplating just giving it all up together and be a nice faithful girlfriend to my already nice boyfriend.

Who am I kidding?

Well, I’m not giving this lifestyle up altogether, for now at least. But I am going to be cutting down, and cutting down on the number of men I’ve been seeing, I figure it may be a good way to start going down the road of monogamy, although I’m quite sure it would take years before it actually happens. Right now though, I’m enjoying life without sex, enjoying the chase of having men just sucking up (pardon the pun) to you hoping to get something out of it.

Who doesn’t enjoy the chase right?

But on a more serious note, while sex may no longer be top priority on the agenda, it would still be nice to be dated and romanced every now and then you know, afterall, as a very good friend once told me, “never put all your eggs in one basket”. So perhaps I really should start dating on the side and see if I’m getting the real deal.

But then again, there’s no free lunch in the world, is there? Especially when it comes to men. I seriously doubt anyone would wanna invest time and money in a girl who is already attached just to date and romance her without getting anything back in return.

Yes, I hear all sorts of protests from all sorts of men already, but tell me it isn’t true.

Prove me wrong.



  1. No offense, but you do not read much like a girl.

  2. How is a girl supposed to read like?

  3. Well that is complex and hard to define but you read like a guy creating a girl character. It is a decent job if that is what you are doing. My apologies if it is not.

  4. hahahhahaha she is a girl alrite, i can vouch for that. but anyway, eh sista, romance? date? you out of your mind??? i know its monday and such, but, SERIOUSLY??? hahahaha

  5. I’m 100% girl alright.

    Bro: I cannot dream is it? You’ve been taking digs at me all day man…sheesh…is this revenge for yesterday’s episode? haha..

  6. eh i did not ok! i just snigger and laugh at your introduction. seriously, i nearly died in lecture and you walked out of it like i broke your toes. haha

  7. Bro: bleah

  8. I’m more than eager to have a dinner with you just to have a conversation with you and pick your brain.

  9. PMF>> oh really, try me then

  10. Damn, it’s only a few days into 2007, and you’ve proclaimed yourself a good girl. You make me feel like a saint. Haha.

    Enjoy the rest of the year babe.

  11. Chaosm: haha, soon soon..=P you enjoy your year too hun =)

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