Happy Endings

I was in an extremely emo mood yesterday night. Confiding in half a bottle of Chardonnay and three cigarettes later, I’m convinced that I’m nowhere as emo as I was yesterday night. Which, is a good thing.

Anyway, being extremely emo just puts you in this strange mood where everything else seems like the end of the world, with no form of salvation whatsoever, whatever salvation means to you anyway.

I realised I’m not someone who knows what I want, not most of the time anyway, sometimes I just wanna lie in bed and cuddle, but when that happens I’m almost never satisfied. Sometimes I just wanna have a quickie in the backseat of the car but then when that happens I just don’t feel up to it anymore.

What I do know is that, eventually when I grow sick and tired of this debauchery, I do want my happy ending, consisting of a huge fairy tale wedding, living n a nice little house somewhere in the Bishan/Thompson area with 2 dogs and a cat, maybe a few fishes while I’m at it.

And no kids.

But still, happily ever after with the man I’m enjoy being around with and can actually tolerate living with him with the rest of my life.

And hot sex every night, in every single corner of the house.

And please, feel free to throw in a Maserati while I’m at it.

But we all know what happens to Happy Endings, they never come true.

So perhaps a more realistic one should be, living in an apartment with the man I enjoy being around with and can actually tolerate living with, and hot sex, every night.

And did I mention, in the more realistic version of my ending, there would be no wedding, no marriage to speak of? Just two happy people spending their lives together, with a dog and a nice lazy cat.

And when I die, there would be no wakes for everyone to come n wail over my coffin asking me why I left so soon. I cannot stand people wailing, I hate funeral wakes, so, none for me please.

Just have me cremated in a simple coffin and bury my ashes under a wine factory, thanks.

So what’s your happy ending?



  1. my happy ending, my health, enuff money for my retirement, hopefully a beach house and a dog.

  2. Sorry to answer a question with a question, but which would you guys prefer:

    1) A happy process with a unsatisfactory ending
    2) A so-so proceedings with a happy ending

    Of course, no questions about how long the ending itself is. Endings, as we all know, are the ends.

  3. To wake up one night as a firework on the ascent – and end up to be the biggest explosion in town, with lingering glittering flaking sprinkles of fire blinding the shit out of everyone who can’t help staring at my death.

    Anyway, living together with someone is more like a beginning.
    An ending of singlehood perhaps, but I can’t remember anyone married calling it a happy ending. A happy beginning more hopefully.

  4. He’s rich and I’m a famous writer. We love each other. We have kids and dogs, and have hot sex. And no one gets sick. But it does not do to dwell on these things… I’m just gonna focus on getting through the semester. 🙂

  5. Kelvin: inquisitive aren’t you? But honestly I’d rather a happy process with an unsatisfactory ending, sometimes its having it and then losing it that makes it all the more memorable.

    Chaosm: Fireworks? How…romantic =P Well, it’s an ending to me…so..haha..

    V: final semester right? i have two more to go! *sigh*

  6. eh you very greedy. maserati somemore. If you do get the maserati can you lend it to me every now and then? Get the 2 door one please? Then i lend you my Zonda.

    Wah lau when you emo, seriously, its contagious. Luckily, i am kinda immune already HAHA…

  7. Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth. Just add a few ferrets and some kids, along with us being two people engrossed in their passions.

    I hate wakes and funerals too. If there was one, I’d rather go out like the cop in the old Wicker Man. Everyone will be dancing and singing around my burning body. Then dump my ashes in the ocean. I tend to view burials as our final way of polluting the environment and wasting space with our dead bodies, which serve no other purpose than as memorabilia.

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