Why I only date Chinese men.

I know how this post would sound and I am ready for the onslaught of “you’re wrong!! we’re not like that!!!”. It’s just that I prefer Chinese men, with the exception of an ex who was Indian. I somehow find it easier and more comfortable being around Chinese men for some reason, and I’d attribute it to the closet heartlander and closet Ah Lian in me.

And all that talk about Chinese men being smaller in the areas of their, erm, appendages? It’s all bullcrap.

It’s not that I have anything against Malay/Indian/Caucasian men, but I have my reservations even though I’ve been approached by these men as well.

Malay men: I think it has alot to do with how they are brought up, but I think educated Malay men are generally more traditional, hence, promiscous ones are hard to find. I say educated because I like intellectual conversation. I shan’t say more because I don’t wanna be flamed by a thousand people saying i’m racist. So there.

Indian men: There are lotsa educated, smart, funny and intellectual indian men out there, but for some reason they are starting to prefer their indian women rather than chinese women (as compared to before). This is of course my own observation and you’re welcome to refute that. But I also think it’s because indian men tend to be more confident and aggressive. Not that I have a problem with that, but aggressive should only be confined to the bedroom. So the more aggressive you are outside of it, the more I get turned off.

Caucasian men:  It’s hard to upkeep conversation with someone from totally different cultural backgrounds because every now and then you have to stop to explain yourself. Also, I’m a heartlander at heart, I like to use my lahs and aiyars very freely, and it feels very unnatural when you’re doing it with someone. Plus the fact that deep down side, I’m also a closet Ah Lian, which makes it even worse if I can’t curse and swear with the nabeis and the cheebyes, you get what I mean?

Also, I think because of this entire “Asian woman is exotic” thing, no thanks to the pornography industry, some caucasian men tend to have this stereotype of Asian woman. I mean, it’s like we’re all sex and body with no brains. I’ve been approached by some caucasian men on bars and pubs and they talk to me like English is my 5th language or something and brains is just something that is alien to my physiological makeup.

And some go to the extent of saying, “you speak English very well.” Of course I speak English well, I got A1 for my O levels OK? English is my first language, wtf.

Despite all that, one of the biggest reasons why I stick to Chinese men, is because then I don’t stand a chance of saying the wrong and sensitive stuff when it comes to men of other races, I mean, I have a tendency to say the wrong things on dates, so why jeopardize my chances on purpose?


  1. Miss you english good very me don’t know what talking you =X

  2. I wouldn’t restrict myself, personally; and I haven’t. But speaking of appendages and “size,” I used to work in the audio/video world and had occasion to work in the world of porn. One time some videos were running to be duplicated, and the two Asian (Japanese, to be specific) walked by and commented in unison, “Are all Americans hung like that?” Of course, the answer was and is “no.” Thee guys were paid studs. But I have to say, given the Asian porn I have seen—trying to compare apples with apples in a sense, there is no comparison in that realm.

    Of course there are exceptions. There are even big Asians—think Samoan—, but having lived in Asia for a couple of years, I can tell you by and large the stereotypes of size are true. Does this mean anything important? No. But is is generally true. Just as true as generally what is said about the size of black men. Are there black guys with small penises? Yes, to be sure. Sadly, I as sure. But this is generally true. Of course, I know a certain woman who worked in porn and she has no problem trying to dispel that black male stereotype as a lie because of interactions she had had with less than well-endowed black partners.

    Where the hell was I going with this? Oh yeah. Feel free to stick with Chinese men. I understand the comfort of cultural similarity. Oh yeah, Happy New Year.

  3. MFL: happy new year to you too 🙂

  4. my ex-bf was malay. and my current one is also malay. i have no idea why i’m going on this pattern of malay bfs, but i guess i just relate to them better. maybe it’s because of their laid-back attitude towards life. nothing really stresses them out. which i guess suits my character pretty well. i’ve tried going out with a chinese bf but he ended up being quite a loser and he talked too much anyways. maybe it’s a gay community thing, but chinese gay boyfriends are quite anal (both character-wise and sexually speaking).

  5. My ex was Chinese. I found him to be quite average in size… I guess I would need a bigger sample pool before I coudl decide whether or not that is the norm. Anyway, I think you may have inspired a new post for me.. so thanks!

  6. I’ve dated Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Caucasian and Jewish women but always seem to come back to Chinese women. Not sure if it’s due to cultural reasons, though, and I have plenty of friends in mixed race relationships and marriages. They seem to be doing okay.

  7. Jon: I think when it comes to things like homosexuality Malays are more open than Chinese, I have a transgendered friend who swore that Malays are more receptive to the whole idea compared to Chinese.

    V: haha, you’re welcome =)

    TKS: Well, mixed race relationships aren’t easy, and you inspired a post in me ;P

  8. yah hor. actually that’s true. that’s why you see more kakaks than ah quas. i mean, even kakak sounds more respectful than ah qua. i think i’m a malay boy stuck in an uber-yellow cheena body.

  9. Haha..I think alot of ppl are…when I was younger my friends used to think i’m a minah trapped in a chinese girl’s body…=P

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