Peekaboo II

Awhile back I was talking to Vandalin and I realised just how easy it was for anyone I know personally to stumble across my blog and find out that it was me through the stuff I blog about. This is especially so since my blog seems to have gained popularity among a few people from NUS as well. To protect my own ass, I password protected some of the more intimate postings, of which the password would not be revealed to anyone.

NotoriousV came up with this brilliant idea to put in some pictures of herself and password protect the post, and I think it really is a brilliant idea. I mean, a blog with no pictures, how boring. So thanks V! =)

So anyway, Peekaboo is a password protected post, but anyone is welcome to ask me for the password. At a price, of course.

If you want the password to that post, send me an email telling me:

Why you deserve the password, in a 100 words or less.
If I don’t know you already, tell me abit about yourself in 50 words or less.

If I like you enough, I’ll give you the password. 😉

Oh, email can be found in the “About Me” page.



  1. Given “THE” pictures your friend is taking, it does not take a rocket scientist to deduce that she needs a password at all.

  2. nice peekaboo! *grins*

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