Girls out Loud.

Yes, I’m talking about that show featuring XiaXue and this radio DJ (whom some men have found to be pretty hot, I agree) Rosalind (or something like that).

Like I’ve mentioned before, XX isn’t my favourite blogger, I don’t agree with everything she says but hey, who can proudly claim to be making a living out of their blog? I know it’s one feat I’ll never be able to achieve, and seriously, I admire her for that.

Anyway, the TV show mentioned caught my attention in one episode. The one where I actually bothered to sit down and watch local TV. They had this feature on the local blogging scene and had this sorta “interview” with MissIzzy which really tickled me. I mean, I have nothing against MissIzzy, but it was very funny how Xiaxue just kept quiet and tried to suppress her laughter throughout the entire segment while Ros just kept bombarding her with questions using her signature deadpan expression.

I mean, I for one wouldn’t take this local production very seriously, the only reason why I even sat down to watch it was that I thought the “confrontation” between XX and MissIzzy would be pretty interesting to watch, it was interesting alright, but it does seem more like Ros is kinda sticking up for XX. Watching the two girls ham it up in front of the camera is seriously entertaining, and I like the way Ros just comes up with all kinds of crap responses to the people she interviews to embarass them. Sounds alot like what I’d do anyway.

As for XX? Well, she does see more like a sidekick to Ros, but then again, back to my 1st point, which local blogger, with the exception of Mr Brown can surpass the popularity that she has garnered for herself over the years?


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