Happy New Year!

Almost every other blog I’ve visited has some sort of new year recap of their year. I wanted to post something similar but then decided that there was really nothing interesting that was worth recap-ing in the past year.

Anyway, I decided to mark the first day of the new year by meeting up with a dear friend, I. We’ve known each other for quite awhile, and he’s been there to offer advice when I need them. Anyway, I had a gift for me today so we met up at Kino for a good catching up session.

Turns out that I had not just one but three gifts for me.

He gave me a Tarot Deck, which I really really like, thank you I! 🙂
On top of that, he had actually taken the trouble to provide some insight on my future with The Bf, and also did some rudimentary palm reading.

Apparently I might end up getting married to The Bf, but I would not be expecting any children in the future.

On top of that, he also provided some very interesting insights into my personality.

I was impressed, really. I was one of the new people who really knew me well, and I suppose it’s because he has a way of looking into what lies beneath. Also because we’re pretty similar in character, and that it makes it so much easier for us to click and connect as friends on so many levels.

It’s not everyday you get to know people like that, do you?

Dear I, thank you so much for the gift(s), I really really appreciate it. You’re sucha sweet and caring person and I do hope you get your girl soon. =)


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  1. So this is where you are now. Glad to see your blog again.

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