Entrapment ’07.

My first post on the first day of the New Year. I wanted to post something sombre but then it is the first day of the new year afterall, so I thought I’d humour some of you out there with something very interesting.

There’s been this person who’s been reading my blog for a while, let’s call him F. F contacted me awhile back and so we added each other on MSN. I found out somehow that F was a religious person. I don’t have a problem with that, but then, why would someone so religious read a blog reeking of hedonistic pleasure, right?

F took care to explain that he wasn’t out to convert me or make me repent my ways or anything, that he just wanted to be friends.


But then later into the  conversation I realised some things were amiss, and after a long series of conversations, which, I set up to test his intentions, it turned out that F wasn’t as innocent as he seemed. Much as he seemed to be religious, there were just somethings that were so questionable. Like how he maintained that he was able to keep himself in control of his carnal needs, yet gave in so easily after a small effort on my part to tease him.

I mean, I of all people should realise that humans are humans afterall, and we all have our own needs. But the entire point is that,  why be so hyprocritical of who you are? If you wanna be religious, then please for goodness sakes just carry on your act to the end. If you cannot keep up with it, then admit it from the start and don’t act like you’re one of those fervent fanaticists ready to condemn all acts of hedonism.

If you want to be hypocritical, fine by me. Just don’t do it in front of me.



  1. yucks. hypocrite. can’t stand this kind of ‘holy’ pple. these idiots bring shame to their whatever-religion-they-are-in. kapui.

  2. In the Satanic Bible, the founder of Satanism talks about the same issues as well – regarding these people who are in denial of their own basic needs. You will make a very good Satanist, methinks hah.

  3. Aristocrat: Yes I’ve read up abit on the teachings of the Church of Satan, but as far as I can I steer clear away from people like LaVey and Crowley, not very good for the karma you know =)

  4. Lol. You believe in karma huh? I was just reading the Satanic Bible for fun…but the stuff in there is nothing new. It just puts into words what people have repressed in themselves all along.

    Enjoy the remaining days before the semester opens yet again!

  5. Yeah I read the website of the Church of Satan, it is interesting no doubt, but I just don’t agree with everything they believe in, although some does make sense.

    Argh, start of semester =( No more arts canteen coffee =( Well at least I don’t have to bid for modules, lol.

    You enjoy yourself too…=)

  6. I absolutely detest Arts canteen coffee, tastes like drain water to me. Biz canteen’s coffee is much more pleasant though it comes with a bigger price tag too.

  7. doesn’t bother me much cuz I always get the freshly brewed coffee in the mornings, lol. =P

  8. eh, freshly brewed? i also want leh. im like how nice to you all the time! haha

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