Sex is overrated.

I’m not kidding. And no, it’s not that I’m declaring a state of monogamy.

I think, alot of people are poisoned by the entire idea of sex. That what truly counts is the “wham, bam, thank you ma’am”. If you think you can send her into wave after wave of ecstasy, then you’re a sex god.

You’re wrong.

Sex is more than just the act in itself, it is a skill which you either have or you don’t. I’m not kidding. Some men just don’t get it, some don’t need alot of nudging to do. It is not just about getting each other naked and banging each other like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s the art of seduction, how you play it such that you get each other hooked without even having to remove a single stitch.

It’s outsmarting each other at your own game, each time gaining a higher advantage over one another.

And when the time comes, it’s about the exchange of chemistry that results in an elaborate show of teasing on both sides, a competition between two people to bring each other to the edge without falling over.

Eventually, the end doesn’t matter. Because it is the process that counts.

Sex, is not just sex anymore, is it?



  1. Maybe that’s the part I’m getting stuck at…… but do you think here’s a point were that ends? Don’t get me wrong, seduction is amazing, but what about the point were you can’t take the little flirtations and ‘foreplay’, if you will, any more? Is it possible to go through “seduction-over-kill?” Because I think that’s were im headed……

  2. As a man I must say that I agre with you 125%. To many men think it is just about getting ‘their’ nut off. But it isn’t..it is about the entire package. You hit the ole nail on the ehad.

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