I dreamt of someone this morning. It was an utterly strange dream.

I dreamt I was at a party, I got back to my hostel after that to clean up and received an sms from him. He said he was done with reservist and that he misses me.

Then he called, and he asked what was the status of our relationship. He has a girlfriend, and I have a boyfriend, and we only had sex once, and yet he was asking what I wanted out of it. Strange.

Even stranger because the person in question is not at reservist right now, and that I know that he will NEVER ever ask me something like that.

They say dreams always have a deeper significance, I wonder what this meant.



  1. Does this someone that you’ve dreamt bear any resemblance or connection to that close friend of your Boyfriend?
    And what do you want out of all your relationships?
    Is it the loveless sort of love you make when you are naked – spiritual love from the waist up, physical love from the waist down?

  2. maybe the sex was THAT good? =)

  3. Chaosm>> errr…hmmm…i don’t think so..ahaha..and what do I want? good question..:-P

    orgasmic>> nope it wasn’t..haha..

  4. Hi Skye, thanks for linking my Blog (Tales of S’porean Eroticism), I’ll be returning the favor and will be adding yours too.

    Nice site by the way. Too bad I’m too IT dumb to create something like yours. 🙂

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