Opened Skies.

Mean that Skye can’t go out. Because I hate rainy weather. Because it makes me wet in places I’m supposed to be dry.

I know it looks oh-so-sexy when a girl emerges out of the shower with wet hair and all. But being caught in the rain is another thing altogether. I hate brollies ’cause it’s just too cumbersome.

So I choose by not heading out, and by keeping myself dry indoors.

Anyway, a random thought that crossed my head:
If water is meant to quench our thirst, and we welcome water even though its tasteless, why do we have the need for other forms of liquids like soft drinks, tea, coffee, and even alcohol?

Betcha all never thought about it.

It’s abit like sex isn’t it. If sex is just meant to be a means to an end (orgasm), then why do we differentiate between good sex and bad sex?

Food for thought. πŸ˜‰

But please, answer the liquids question first.


  1. This was exactly what I meant in “the december rain.” Everyone seems to detest rain.

    That aside, perhaps water only fulfills the most basic need of Man: thirst. Survival. But Man has other needs as well, right? They are never satiated at all. Greediness is second nature. They crave variation. And perhaps tea, coffee, soft drinks play the role. One is never content enough by drinking water and water alone even though it is the source of life.

    And as for sex, maybe the system of differences will help in shedding some light. After all, the world is a system of differences. Good sex is good sex simply because it is not bad. Without the existence of the bad, can we realize the good exist? And as to why we differentiate, does anyone want bad sex in the first place?

    A feeble attempt at reasoning, yet an attempt nonetheless.

  2. you know, more people actually drink everything else other than water. it’s like why drink water when you can drink water + juiced fruits? why drink water when you can have a water infused with tea leaves and anti-oxidants? why drink water when you can have bodily fluids packed full of proteins? i kinda think it’s the value for money concept lah.

    and apologies for my damn blardey late msn reply. just swap my blog addy with

  3. i guess its because different kinds of drinks have elements that maybe good for our body and health. thus, explaining the benefits we get from good and bad sex. just a mere try… haha

  4. Aristocrat>> haha..I expected someone to say something like that.. πŸ˜›

    jon>> value for money? hmm..maybe…anyway added you already..

    mich>> perhaps..perhaps.. πŸ™‚

  5. actually i love both the sun and the rain, but they must come separately. what’s wrong with getting drenched? let your hair down and treat it as if you’re having fun with the rain.

    and why do we need soft drinks, coffee, tea and alcohol when H2O can already quench our thirst? i guess we just love to spice things up. we expect more than meeting our basic needs. (heard of maslow’s needs hierachy?)

    the same applies to sex. if we don’t encounter orgasm, it’s not good sex at all.

  6. jack>> orgasm = good sex? haha..

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